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These plans only include our managing fee. It depend on so many things, but we suggest an Ad Group for every product you want to advertise on Google. Feel free to talk to us about the budget you want to spend on Google. 



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Frequently asked questions

Google Adwords is a targeted form of advertising through Google’s search engine. In short, when someone searches for products or services you offer, Google will have your website listed at the top of the page if you pay them.

There are different types of marketing strategies you can do with Google, but the most common form is “search network” where you place a bid to get your website listed on the top of a searched page. The higher the competition for your specific keyword, the higher your bid should be. You only pay when someone click on the ad to visit your site.  

Yes. Any company or organization can advertise on Google

If you do it right, yes. At the same time there is so many ways to waste a lot of money on Google Adwords if you don’t do it right. Get a professional. It will save you a lot of money. 

Both are important. Google adwords is a way to grow your business in the short term. SEO will help your website rank for the long term. Even if your SEO is good, Google will still list your opposition higher when they use Google Adwords. 

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